Cool Futuristic Watches for Men

Whether you buy them as a gifts for others or get theme for yourself, modern-style, futuristic watches will make time-telling interesting again. Below are listed 10 of the most unusual, creative watch designs on the market today.

1) The Urwerk Ur-202

This watch lets you look at cool, turning turbines with numbers painted onto them. They move about along a minute scale. With a watch like this, you peer into the inner workings of fantastic machine.

2) The Tokyoflash E-Clock

This model uses “E-ink” to tell you the time in either digits or lines. The silver, black, and gray patterns that cover the whole watch give it the look of a stainless steel bracelet. This Bluetooth-equipped E-clock connects to your cell phone and vibrates whenever you get a new call or text message.

E-Clock-design_0047d E-Clock-design_0047b

3) The Phosphor Unisex Digital Hour E-Ink Watch

This modernistic watch also has the appearance of a bracelet. Its ergonomic design and extremely thin width makes it so comfortable to wear that you may well forget that you have it on. It offers the choice of digital display versus wall-clock-like graphics.


4) The Tima Wrist Watch by Julien Bergignat

This sleek wrist watch uses about half its circumference as a display area. The visual time indicators are very large and can be set to blink back and forth between digits and clock shapes.

tima_watch tima_watch3 tima_watch8 tima_watch9


5) Paulo Encarnação’s LED Wrist Watch

This watch looks like something out of Star Trek. Its red display features glow against a black background. Lots of information is given: day, date, time, seconds, etc. Encarnação is a Portuguese industrial engineer, and he has certainly created a masterpiece here.



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