5 Sporty High Tech Watches

Some guys only want the best eye catching sports wear. When it comes to sporty watches, high tech, futuristic faces is the way to go. Like shoes, a watch can set the tone for your ensemble and help you stand out from the crowed. It shows that you are more than a follower but a trend setter. Check out the sporty high tech watches below and let us know what you think.

1) The Apple iWatch



The 2015 Apple iWatch combines many of the features of a smartphone with that of a wrist watch. You can handle calls and messages, access apps, use voice-controls, use touchscreen controls, etc. as well as tell the time with it.


2) The DOGN watch from Cognitime

The Norwegian company Cognitime has produced a remarkable time-keeping piece. A central figure eight lights up in different ways to tell you the hour while a surrounding circle indicates the minutes.

DOGN watch from Cognitime

3) The YOUARESOLATE by Boris Kuznetsov

For those who like to learn new things, this is a great watch. You must tell the hour based on which wooden plate has lighted up and the minutes by how many marks intersect a glowing line. Blue light indicates a.m. while red light indicates p.m.

YOUARESOLATE by Boris Kuznetsov

4) The Kisai Stencil by Tokyoflash Japan

Here is another watch you must learn to read. It shows the time with mere dots and lines that only make sense to the well-initiated.


5) The Swatch Infinity Concept PMP Watch

The brainchild of Pierre Merlet, this is a bracelet-like watch that also functions as an MP3 player, video and photograph viewer, and more.



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