Top Selling Classic Sneakers


There are lots of new sneakers hitting the consumer market every year, but there are some classic sneakers that still reign over new styles. Several of the classic sneakers below have remained as top sellers from the time that these shoes were released up until the present day.


Converse Chuck Taylor

The Converse brand was made popular in the basketball world. The Chuck Taylor brand has been retouched in various ways, but the classic style is still one of the most popular brands of classic sneakers. These shoes tend to go incredibly well with jeans so the Chuck Taylor brand of sneakers has remained popular. It isn’t a shoe that is seen on the basketball court anymore, but it is a very fashionable brand with teenagers and young adults.


Adidas Superstar

For many years Adidas has competed as the underdog alternative to Nike, but the Adidas Superstar has maintained ground because of celebrity endorsements. In the early 80’s Run DMC carried the Adidas brand on their back – and feet – when they performed. For many years the Adidas Superstar sneakers seemed to be the only thing that these emcees would wear. Today celebrities like Pharrell Williams are seen in the multi-colored shoes with the signature stripes.


Nike Cortez

The Nike shoe that has continues to catch the eye of both male and female audiences is the Nike Cortez. When the shoe was originally released the cloth version of the Nike Cortez was one the most popular shoes to wear. Today this classic sneaker is also sold with a soft buttery leather material as well. The rounded looked of this low top sneaker sets it apart from all of the other shoes that are designed by Nike.


Puma Suede

Another Nike alternative that seemed to be popular in the hip hop community was the Puma Seude brand. Many rappers sported these shoes in their videos. The urban influence of a culture has allowed a new generation of Puma fans to discover these shoes all over again. Some people will compare the shoes to Adidas because of the are stripe on the side.


Nike Air Jordan 1

When a sneaker fanatic is interested in getting retro shoes they are going to go with the classic Jordans that started it all. The Nike Air Jordans 1 may be the best selling classic sneakers in the world. Jordan fans everywhere collect these shoes.

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