Signs You Are A Social Media Junky

Okay, you’ve been on the internet since you connected via dialup. You had a MySpace page, then a Facebook page and now you’re tweeting and tumbling. However, have you have looked at your social media activity and wondered if maybe your enough is everyone else’s too much? Here are signs you might be a social media junkie.

  1. You check your pages while still in bed before your feet even hit the floor.
  2. If it’s not in a status update or tweeted, it didn’t happen.
  3. You post a picture or meme and check back 15 seconds later to see who’s liked or commented on it.
  4. Your friends and family are considering getting you a guide dog to make sure you don’t walk into traffic while checking your pages…again.
  5. You give good morning posts when you log in and good evening posts when log out like social media is your job and the internet might come to a halt if you’re not there.
  6. Not only do you have social media pages but so do your kids and your pets. All thoughtfully maintained by you.
  7. Not only do you Facebook from your computer and smart phone, you’ve pulled up Facebook on your TV.
  8. You take your smart phone or tablet to the bathroom to make sure you don’t miss any status updates while you’re away.
  9. Your Facebook is connected to your Twitter, which is connected to your Instagram which is connected to your Vines to make sure you never miss a thing.
  10. You poke your friends…constantly. Even though they have asked you not to poke them and they never poke you back, still you poke away.
  11. Your friends list is like a game of musical chairs and the rules for who gets booted out of the game change constantly.
  12. You open a second account to get around being blocked by someone on your primary account.
  13. You’re the first one to like your own statuses or updates.

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