Pet peeves – Really? Must you do that?

Noisy eaters

I Dare You

Another thing that strikes a nerve is the noisy eaters. Not just people who are loud by talking too much, but rather those who chew with their mouths open, crunch so loudly, smack their lips, you get the picture. Come on… Where are your manners? Why must you do that?

Automated customer answering services


When I am calling a business that has one of those automated IVRs and I provide all my information including name, phone number, account number, etc…. And, when I finally do speak with a live person, and he then asks for all the same information I simply want to scream!

Talking while using the bathroom – Women

For women it is very uncommon to talk while using the restroom. Sure, women walk to the restroom together and will chat while refreshing their makeup. But as soon as they walk in the stall, the conversation ceases. Most of the time…. Now and again someone will strike up chatting through the stall walls. I practically want to come up through the pipes and strangle the woman who wants to talk then!

Hanging out naked in the locker room – Men

It is really uncomfortable when you get that guy who just loves to strut around the locker room without clothes. Does he think he looks so good he needs to just stand there naked chatting? Yes, you look great, but put some clothes on!!.

Control your kids – Parents

I love my kids. And I really don’t mind kids just being kids… Most of the time… But if you choose to bring your kids to a primarily adult place like a nice restaurant or the theatre, please make sure they know how to behave! It drives me nuts when I have to reprimand you kids. I left mine at home to enjoy some adult time!!

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