Top 5 YouTube Women Beauty Advisors


When you want expert advice on make up there aren’t a lot of people you can trust. This is the reason women turn to YouTube for help and guidance. There’s nothing like having someone give you personal step by step intstructions that help you get the best look possible. This need has created trusted and skilled women beauty advisors on Youtube. These women know their way around a make up kit. They are heavily admired and respected for their make up skills. Here are the top 5 YouTube women advisors.

5. Lauren Curtis

Lauren Curtis has 2,599,094 subscribers to her make up channel on YouTube. Her channel focuses on all aspects of makeup, hair, and product reviews. Her fresh, clean, model looks captures the attention of many people wanting to get these looks. Her precise instructions makes it easy for others to follow her example.

4. Kandee Johnson

Kandee’s makeup channel features a lot of transformative makeup tutorials. If you want to look like Barbie, Elsa, or even the Queen of Hearts she can give you the instructions to make it happen. She has 2,616,826 subsribers who all enjoy her funny, happy, and creative YouTube videos.

3. Carli Bybel

Carli Bybel offers more professional and technical makeup tutorials. Her channel is focused on all things makeup, fashion, and health topics. She has 2,325,814 subscribers who tune in each week for another one of her videos on these topics.

2. Zoella

Zoella has 7,058,893 people who are subscribed to her make up channel on YouTube. She offers fun, exciting, and creative makeup tips to all her watchers. She gives fashion and hairstyling tips while creating fun videos to watch each week.

1. Michelle Phan
Michelle Phan has 7,405,490 subscribers. She is considered one of the biggest beauty advisors on YouTube. Her channel is a mix of technical, creative, and professional advice. Her happy positive attitude is what draws more and more people to her channel for beauty advice.

If you’re looking for great makeup advice one of these talented, lovely ladies can certainly help you out.

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