Top 10 essential equipment for DJs in 2016

Being a DJ is only possible with all the essential DJ equipment. Don’t buy a DJ in a box kit. A DJ in a box kit will not have everything you need. Here are the top ten DJ equipment items you will need to modernly DJ in 2016.

Two input devices are necessary if you want to DJ. This is so if you want to combine two tracks together, you need to use two input devices. An Audio Technica LP1240 USB Professional DJ Turntable is the best 2016 turntable option. Vinyl is making a comeback in popularity for it’s sound quality. You may want to include a vinyl turntable for one of the input devices at your DJ booth to keep up with this trend revival in music.

A DJ mixer is a must for any DJ. It helps a DJ to mix songs from their two input devices. A DJ mixer additionally allows the DJ to change the volume on their two input devices for a flawless sound. The Faderfox UC3 Controller, Pioneer DJM750 mixer, Pioneer DDJ-SR Serato DJ Controller/Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S4 MkII and the Pioneer DDJ-SR Serato DJ Controller/Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S4 MkII are some of the best options.

Headphones allow a DJ to listen to their next tracks without anyone else overhearing them assembling combined tracks or the next song on their playlist. The AIAIAI TMA-1 Headphones are the best DJ headphones of 2016.

A sound system is a must for anyone who wants to be a DJ. A sound system is made up of either a home hi-fi sound system or of amplifiers and speakers.

A laptop and the power adapter is important if you are using digital tracks. You must bring along your power adapter so you don’t run out of battery life in your laptop.

Bringing along a multitool with a screwdriver, pliers and a penknife might seem like a strange plan, but it is a good idea. A multitool allows you to adjust your DJ controller if you need to.

Flashlights may also seem like an odd choice, yet they are great when you are DJing. A DJ booth is always dark, so you will need a flashlight in case if you are trying to find something amongst your equipment.

If you assemble playlists on your iPhone or iPod or want to use digital tracks when you DJ, bring along your iPhone, iPod or other mp3 devices. A Pioneer CDJ900NXS Digital Player is perfect right now for handling tracks. The one problem with using an iPhone is that they can be disruptive with incoming calls, messages, and social media updates. If you set your iPhone on the right sound settings¬†though, there shouldn’t be interruptions.

Spare leads are used to plug your controller into your iPod and laptop. You should also ensure you have extra ones.

Duct tape is helpful to secure cords on your controller, sound system, laptop, and iPhone.