The World’s Top 10 DJ’s


The Top 10 DJ’s In The World Have Earnings That Are Through The Roof

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The top 10 DJs with the highest earnings in 2014 across the entire world are notable, each with significant accomplishments to date with even longer careers yet to unfold. They are listed here briefly with a few of their many achievements.

1. Calvin Harris is reported to be the highest paying DJ in 2013 and 2014 with his most recent annual income topping $66 million. Born to the name Adam Richard Wiles in the UK, he is known as a Scottish singer, songwriter, DJ and music producer.

His first album, in 2007, was called “I Created Disco” with 2 top-10 songs, “The Girls” and “Acceptable in the 80s.” Harris’ second album was released in 2009, “Ready for the Weekend.” It went gold selling over 100,000 copies. His third album released in 2012 is “18 Months” where 8 singles from the album went top 10. His fourth album, “Motion,” was released in 2014.

In addition to his studio albums, Calvin Harris has also written and produced songs for other artists including Rihanna’s single, “We Found Love.” This was his first number 1 single in the US on Billboard’s Hot 100.

2. David Guetta earned $30 million in 2014 taking second place in the top 10 paid DJs in the world. As a French national he was born Pierre David Guetta. He co-created Gum Productions releasing his initial album in 2002 and subsequently released his second in 2004, his third in 2007 and his most successful in 2009 called “One Love.” It included the hit single “When Love Takes Over” which later in 2013 was named by Billboard as the top dance-pop collaboration ever.

3. Avicii – The number 3 DJ of the world is Tim Bergling, known as Avicii. He earned $28 million in 2014 and had his best year with his 2013 debut album, “True” selling 4 million copies. Born in Sweden and producing electronic dance music (EDM), Avicii has twice been nominated for Grammys. His most famous songs include “Addicted to You,” “Wake Me Up” and “Hey Brother.”

4. Tiesto and Avicii tied for third place, both earning $28 million. Born Michiel Verwest, from Holland, DJ Tiesto is also a music producer. He started his own Black Hole Recordings in 1997 with partner Amy Bink, but it was in the year 2000 with his remix of the song “Silence” with Sarah McLachlan that took him mainstream. He has released 4 studio albums with the most recent in 2009.


5. Steve Aoki is the number 5 DJ earning $23 million. Born in Miami and of Japanese-American decent he is a music executive, producer and electro-house musician. He collaborates with many singers and is well known for his remixes. In 2013 he released the album “Wonderland” which was nominated for a Grammy.


6. Afrojack, born Nick Van Wall in Holland, has earned $22 million and ranks sixth highest earner among DJs globally. His debut album was recently released in 2014. His first single released under the name Afrojack was in 2007 called “In Your Face.” He collaborated with Madonna in 2011 and worked with Beyonce in her “Run the World (Girls)” single.


7. DJ Zedd, aka Anton Zaslavski born in Russia, comes in seventh earning $21 million in 2014. His best known production is for the songs “Break Free” which hit number 4 and “Clarity” which hit number 8 both on the Billboard Hot 100.


8. DJ Kaskade is also a music producer, aka Ryan Raddon from Chicago. He comes in at number 8 earning $17 million. Kaskade has had 4 solo albums to date and in 2013 earned 2 Grammy nominations. His well-known first number one single was “Move for Me” in 2008, and it was his fifth top 10 single.


9. DJ Skrillex, aka Sonny John Moore from California, earned $16.5 million in 2014 and began his solo career in 2007. In 2011 he was nominated for 5 Grammys. That same year he won MTV’s Artist of the Year for EDM style music.


10. Deadmau5 comes in as the 10th highest paid DJ in the world with earnings of $16 million. Joel Thomas Zimmerman, better known as Deadmau5 is a Canadian national with a musical focus in progressive-house. He is both a performer and a music producer with multiple credits to his name in house and EDM music genres. He released his debut album in 2005 called “Get Scraped.” His most recent album “while” was release in 2014 and will be headlining the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in June 2015 in TN.

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